We are a digital media content agency.

We are expert storytellers and branded content creators.


We create simple, but engaging, passionate stories about people, organizations and brands.

We collaborate with our clients to set goals and messages for their brand or organization. We research our topics, interview the right people, then write and produce insightful and entertaining stories that live on digital platforms – videos, social media, op-ed articles and podcasts.

We create promotional strategies to attract the largest audience engagement for our clients’ stories. This includes leveraging HipCheck Media’s relationships with the digital platforms of TSN, ESPN, Sportsnet, Yahoo, CBC and other major media outlets across North America and internationally.

HipCheck becomes your in-house content experts to produce and effectively deliver your messages to your targeted audience.

Your stories.  Your relationships. Your way.


An Ad Agency, a Sponsorship Marketing Agency or a traditional Video Production Company.


Hockey: Leagues, Teams, Agents, Corporate Sponsors

HipCheck specializes in marketing the sport of Hockey. We provide both strategy and execution for league-wide marketing campaigns, team promotions, individual player marketing and all corporate sponsors who are engaged with the world’s greatest sport!


Digital Content

  • Podcast Creation, Production, Distribution & Promotion
  • Branded Video Production
  • Filming, Editing, Audio, Rights/Clearances

Social Media

  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – branded content posts
  • Paid “boosted posts” strategy
  • Best practices

Media Strategy

  • Editorial Services – we work with leading hockey writers from around the globe

Sponsor Engagement

  • Sponsorship Valuations
  • Activation strategies

Event Engagement

  • On-site branded video (filming/editing)